Backpackers are curios and explorative people with big hearts. They seek every corners of the world for adventures.

Imagine, when they encounter people in need, we could assist them with smart healthcare technologies to support.

That´s simply what Medipacker is all about.

And you don´t need to be a doctor or nurse to be a hero.

Founders Medipacker

Welcome to Medipacker

Are you an experienced backpacker traveler or about to do your first real adventure?

Some adventures and encounters might really shake you up.

Do you have this feeling that you would like to do something that makes a difference?

Then Medipacker is something for you!

Medipacker can be like the dress of a superman and with some online training you can be the hero.

This is one of the reason we started Medipacker. Medipacker assistant system can leverage your discoveries where noone else can do.  You alone can make a difference for many people. There are thousands of Medipackers like you out there so the difference can be huge.

That´s why we invite you all backpackers to join our community to share your experiences and accomplishments.

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It is easy and it is free based on your experience and own will. Beginner, Experienced or full Pro. We will take you to the next level.

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