Medipacker Academy is our initiative to grow you from a backpacker to a certified Medipacker. When you have comitted to our core values as a Medipacker Aspirant you are ready to go to make a difference as a Medipacker Bachelor and start to grow as a human. It´s as simple as that. Soon you might become a Medipacker Master and Medipacker Professional to teach others and follow your good works.

It´s free of charge to start to grow except from your own efforts.

Founders Medipacker

Welcome to Medipacker Academy

We are here to help. Help you to grow as a human from a curious backpacker to a an active Medipacker that makes a difference. Together with thousand and thousand of efforts from Medipackers around the globe it will make an huge impact eventually.

In this portal you can educate your self of no extra charge to become a certified Medipacker by taking online coarses. This is also a knowledge portal where you can find different kind of  information how to best make an impact as a Medipacker.

In the Community forum you can share and ask question. Also check out our Medipacker Facebook page.


Evolve from Aspirant to Professional

Social injustice awarness is the driving engine of social entrepreneurship, volontary initiatives, CSR efforts, non-for profit initiatives and other initiatives, fueled by millions of images on social media from around the globe.

We all want to contribute in different ways to make a better world. It´s not a matter of how, it´s a matter of when.

If you are a backpacker, you can easily become a Medipacker.

Take one of our free online coarses to become a certified Medipacker.

You simply start out to be a certified Medipacker Aspirant by commit to our core values  that you have a high ethic standards, you are of collaborative nature and like to share your experiences and that you have a good heart