How it works to become a Medipacker

A Medipacker is a backpacker that brings knowledge, skills and a good heart to places and situations where people are in need. The rest is up to you.

Medipackers has different set of skills depening on education and experiences in the field. You don´t need to be medical trained to be a Medipacker and if you are, you will of cause also bring that specific knowledge to the field.

In short your experiences are reflected in your role in the Medipacker Community where the beginners starts out as Medipacker Aspirant. Then you climb up on the Medipacker career ladder to Bachelor and then to Master and finally to Professional.

During this journey you will earn badges that shows your merits and for each level you will have a certificate. For each and every Medipacker career level there are three certificates, Bronze, Silver and Gold. A Bronze certificate will show that you have started you journy in that specific role and a Gold certificate will show that you are ready to climb to the next level.

To earn badges you need to do some efforts. There are different efforts depending on which role you are in at the moment. Some efforts are quite simple and some are really hard to do to acheive a badge. For instance when signing up you will get some points, credit points, and when you fulfill your profile you will have additional points. When having sufficent points you will have a badge. This is the easy one. To get another badge we might require that you do some posting in the community to contribute and share with others. This is not so hard to do either. On another role level as for instance Medipacker Bachelor you might need to upload a photo on your journey in a poor country and show what difference you made. This will earn you badge that finally ends up to a Bachelor Gold certificate.

Now, you ready to become a Master.

How it works to become a Medipacker Aspirant

This is you first step to become a Medipacker. You sign up as an Aspirant. An Aspirant membership is for free and you can unregister whenever you want. By signing up as an Aspirant you will join our vibrant community of backpackers that pledged to be Medipackers. Now your journey to grow you set of skills as a Medipacker will start. You will earn credit points depening on what you are doing, you will earn badges when some skill set has been proven and you will have a certificates when you have earned specific badges. A typical badge could be "ethical course in culture clash" and certificate could be Medipacker Aspirant Silver. Credit points also give you discount in the Medipacker Store for exclusive products. Below are shown a typical journey for climbing the career ladder for a Medipacker Aspirant.

Step 1: Signing up as an Medipacker Aspirant -> 2 creditpoints

Step 2: Fullfilment of your profile in the Community -> Posting allowans

Step 3: Take the etchical course Medipacker Core Values in the Academy -> 4 badges, one for each topic. Finalizing this course will also give you the first certificate Medipacker Aspirant Bronze.

Step 4: Here, you will show some activity in the community which will earn you credit points and badges depending on what you are doing. This will end up in a certificate Aspirant Silver sooner or later. YOu also need to take the course Aspirant Silver. When this course is completed you will have the Aspirant Silver certificate.

Step 5: Finally, you give us a short story about yourself or a backpacker venture and perhaps also contains some ambitions from your perspective.  When approved, this will earn you some final badges and a certificate Aspirant Gold. This you will do at the same time you take the Aspirant Gold course. Your badges and your story will be presented in your profile. You can then amend to your story.

Now you are ready to climb to the the next level and become a Bachelor where you learn how to use our field intruments.

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