Membership is your passport

How can I sign up for a Medipacker course?

The education in Medipacker Academy are structured in four different programs; Aspirant, Bachelor, Master and Professional. Each program has three different courses; Bronze, Silver and Gold where you start with Bronze level and end with Gold level. For each completed level you will be rendered a certificate.

Each program is tied to a membership plan, where the starting plan Aspirant is free. The other three plans, Bachelor, Master and Professional are paid memberships. All Membership plans, free or paid, renders you different entitlements, benefits and perks both in Medipacker Store, Academy and Community. When you a membership plan all the courses are free.

How do I become a member?

You can become a member by either sign up for the course on this Academy portal or go to the Store and purchase a membership. The membership for Aspirant is free but you need to checkout at the counter so we can pick up your vital contact data. When you sign up here, you will be directed to the Store.

Which courses can I take?

All courses, except Aspirant, has prerequisites such as adekvat membership for the course and a certificate that shows that you have earned the right skill levels for that course.  The levels of the course programs are Aspirant, Bachelor, Master and Professional, in that order. For each level you have courses bronze, silver and gold. For instance, when you want to take a Bachelor course you first need to complete te Aspirant program where you render a final certificate. The you can level up to becomer a Bachelor member and take the first Bachelor Bronze course.

What in detail is a Membership?

You can read about each membership in more detail by visit the Medipacker Store (click the button below)