Medipacker Aspirant Bronze | Learn for life

Medipacker Academy

The Medipacker Aspirant Course Bronze is a free beginner course perfect for you that wants to learn more about how to be a true Medipacker and make a difference when you travel.
You will learn about Medipacker core values based on our ethical cornerstones. You are automatically signed up as an Aspirant member in the Medipacker Community. The complete course renders an Aspirant Bronze Certificate. This Certificate is then a prerequisite for enrolling on the next course Silver.

Medipacker Academy is our initiative to grow you from a backpacker to a certified Medipacker. When you have committed to our core values as an Aspirant, you are ready to go to make a difference as a Medipacker Bachelor. It´s as simple as that. Soon you become a Medipacker Master and Medipacker Professional to teach others.

It´s free of charge except your own efforts to grow.

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