A Closer Look at Altruistic Travel to Developing Countries

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“To understand what’s going on in the world, you have to see the world.” -Aerin Lauder


Traveling is not just a form of leisure or vacation. If you’ve been traveling to different places for quite some time, you’d understand the difference of a vacationer and a person immersing himself to the community. It is when a regular backpacker becomes fully aware of the places he visits and develops a sense of accountability to do something different to the lives of the people he meets. It’s like a wonderful experience that will shift your perspective in profound ways.

Traveling changes a person, in many ways possible. When you go to another country, you welcome yourself to various cultures that may be completely different from where you come from. The diversity of culture and tradition in a country may offer you a change in view. You get an unfamiliar feeling when you go to a new place, much more when you leave that place. It’s like you don’t only miss the people you meet, but you miss the person you are at that time of your journey. This makes you want to go back and do something to the community. It’s a good thing because you don’t only travel but the journey becomes a transformative one. Moreover, the moment you step in you recognizes the beauty of an unfamiliar, underprivileged place.

For most travelers, developing countries are nothing but poor, chaotic, and not commendable places to visit. But if you are up for something life-changing adventure, book a plane to a developing country and you’ll be surprised by the rich rewards. Traveling and making a positive difference to the lives of the locals is the true spirit of altruistic tourism.


Learn the History

The culture and traditions of developing countries are most of the time understated. It’s good to know a little about them and appreciate their exquisiteness. You will discover that these countries have a rich history and breath-taking hidden sights.


Immerse with the Locals

Rather than mingling to thousands of other vacationers in expensive package tours, visiting a developing country can offer you a more intimate, friendly experience. Immerse with the locals and don’t rely on commercial websites. Explore the places and make time to go to the local markets. You can visit museums and other cultural sites. Be sure to connect with any locals around your hotel, in restaurants, and even on the streets. Try to learn to speak the language or dialect, the locals will gladly help you. Absorb the culture and enjoy your interactions with people.


Reflect on the Underprivileged

One of the challenging aspects of traveling to poorer countries is dealing with the difference in wealth. Consider yourself privileged, being able to live in a first-world country enjoying the benefits of being a citizen. In developing countries, you don’t always get the best services. Be patient, there’s more to that country than a bad traffic. It’s also an opportunity to step back and reflect on the life you’ve been living. Sometimes, you think life is hitting you hard not realizing others are experiencing the worst and still choose to be positive. Look for opportunities to support local communities without encouraging the begging culture. Your intention to do good should not be mean to support opportunistic individuals or organizations.


Be Conscious of the Healthcare System

Most tourists fear to travel in developing countries due to the scare of getting sick or worst hospitalize while on vacation. However, if you have a good knowledge in first aid and practice proper hygiene, you can relax knowing you can take good care of yourself. It’s not as if you will completely be traveling to a place with no basic hospital facility. This might be an opportunity also to share your advanced expertise or advantage in technology to help the locals.

After traveling to a developing country, you become more aware of the world around you. You realize that there is more to life than your daily routine. Often, your travel turns into a humbling experience opening your eyes to the realities of the world. Don’t be afraid to spread your wings and explore unknown places. Get yourself a real-life education and broaden your horizons. Traveling makes you create memories of a lifetime.

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