Five Reasons Why You Should Join MediPacker Programs

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“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands- one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” -Audrey Hepburn

The MediPacker organization was realized with a mission to build a community of backpackers who provide intelligent healthcare to everyone around the globe.

MediPacker Academy offers four different programs; Aspirant, Bachelor, Master, and Professional. Each program has three different level of courses; Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Medipacker Academy is an initiative to grow an individual from a backpacker to a certified MediPacker. There are different levels of MediPacker. Competence level ranges from Aspirant, Bachelor, Master, to Professional. Course content runs from ethical values to more advanced leadership courses.

Why should you join the program? What benefits will it give you as a backpacker? Why should you even bother?

1. MediPacker provides tools and education for backpackers

Knowledge is power. If you’ve been traveling a lot to different places specially to the developing countries, you may have encountered different situations wherein a little knowledge on first aid or healthcare was required of you. This may be to help someone who has limited access to a healthcare facility or you yourself. MediPacker provides the necessary tools and training needed to give medical assistance to people in need around the globe.

2. MediPacker has high ethical standards

MediPacker Academy has a variety of free online courses and a member’s forum where you could learn and interact with fellow associates to inform yourself about ethical standards involving patients and the community. As a Certified MediPacker, you must maintain high ethical standards when dealing with the people in a certain community while rendering intelligent healthcare.

3. MediPacker creates a community of support

You will be taking the course alone. You might even be traveling alone as a backpacker. Once you become a MediPacker, you will have access to different medical information online where you can use as a reference when face to complex situations requiring remedial. Advices from fellow members can also be acquired in online forums. This is like a network of support by different backpackers around the world.

4. MediPacker lets you share good vibes to others

Why do you travel? What’s the purpose of your journeys? You may have different reasons and at some point, you want the world to know about your experiences. At MediPacker organization you can share your involvements and skills that can help others grow in their course as well. You can write additional information to the database and express your thoughts through blogging.

5. MediPacker knows no color, gender, and age

As a traveler, you have in you a generous heart to connect with people and their culture. When you involve yourself in a community, you become one with them. MediPacker comes in all colors, genders, and ages around the world. You need not to pretend to be anyone you are not. You will represent yourself. There is no discrimination in this organization and everyone is welcome to be part of it.

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