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  “Just to travel is rather boring, but to travel with a purpose is educational and exciting.” – Sargent Shriver


There is something about traveling that makes a person a different individual. Each place one visits makes him change his perspective in life, somehow. When you travel, especially to developing countries, you appreciate life even more. Say, you become grateful for having the privilege of living in a first-world country. At some point, you may want to challenge yourself to do humanitarian acts as a way of giving back to the people you meet in your journey.

Volunteerism during travel is not something new. The term ‘volunteer tourism’ (S. Wearing) describes a field of tourism in which tourists volunteer in a systematized way to commence holidays that involve projects in the local community. Doing voluntary works abroad during a planned vacation is unlike the typical idea of leisure. It’s like a deviation from the usual indulgent way of spending the holidays. It’s more than visiting a place or country for its tourist spots but rather taking it to a deeper sense. In Voluntourism you allow yourself to get involved with the people in the country you are visiting. You do it to build relationships with them as other human beings, see their needs, and do possible actions to address concerns.

Voluntourism makes you responsible for the betterment and change of others. This makes your trip in a place much more meaningful than just plain entertainment or having fun the whole time. Below are reasons why you should start volunteering on your next travel.


Learn more about people

When you travel, you get to meet different people. If you truly allow yourself to observe their daily living, you gain a better understanding of their culture and traditions. You will appreciate how they live their lives and how they address confronting situations. The time you spent becomes a stirring and rewarding vacation because you get to plunge yourself in another world while helping those in need. Also, volunteering can be a fun and meaningful way to make new friends. It lets you network with people in a society.


Discover new places

What’s more exciting is going to places abroad than seeing beautiful spots? Voluntourism gives you a chance to discover new places. Travel magazines, blogs, and tourism sites might not feature some wonderful places that only in going to developing countries that you get to see world-class travel destination.


Educate yourself with the healthcare system

Voluntourism opens you to the reality of the healthcare system. Unlike in first-world countries, healthcare facilities in developing countries might be poor. Some medicines and facilities are not available, if not expensive. Most communities in the far-flung areas don’t have access to hospitals and the nearest clinics don’t have adequate medical supplies.


Learn more about yourself

Sometimes, you get to know more about yourself when you travel to a different place or country. Such a delight to know that when you come home from a vacation, you are never the same person again. You find yourself reflecting a life with deeper purpose. When you go to another country, you welcome yourself to various cultures that may be completely different from where you come from. The variety of culture and tradition in a country may offer you a change in perspective. You get an unfamiliar feeling when you go to a new place, much more when you leave that place.

As you continue to travel the world, you open your eyes to the needs of the society. Find ways to help the less fortunate. Be one in a mission to make this world a better place to live. Be a MediPacker. You can be part of a wonderful community of backpackers that spread smart healthcare around the globe especially to developing countries. Your good heart and explorative nature will be geared up to the next level by being equipped with knowledge and tools to give medical assistance to people in need around the world. Plus, you get to meet other backpackers as well who share the same mission and that is to make a difference in your travels. Together, all efforts from Medipackers around the globe will make an enormous impact eventually.



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