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10 Things to Do to Keep Yourself Healthy While Traveling

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Nothing can be more annoying than getting sick while traveling. A vacation that was meant to be spent in beautiful spots is instead spent inside the hotel room by trying to recover. In order to maximize your travel, try to do any of these 10 things that will keep you healthy.

  1. Do light exercises in the morning

Even if you’re on vacation, it still pays to do light stretching and a bit of meditation before you start your day. It will help you be in tip-top shape for the day.

These exercises can help you warm up for the day ahead. This can reinvigorate your body and will prepare you for a day of exploring. It will also help you do away with that sleepy head.


  1. Wash your hands always

This health tip is applicable whether you are on travel or not. However, it is strongly advised that you eat more often when you travel because the places might be unfamiliar to you.

You can bring alcohol or hand sanitizer in case a wash area is not available. Also, this is one way to prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading to other travelers.


  1. Be careful of what you eat

It’s always good to explore, but try to be mindful of what you eat. It is one thing to try to eat local food and another something to ignore when you know it is not sanitary.

If you know that your stomach is sensitive, then don’t risk it. The one time experience might not be worth it for the days you will lose just because you had terrible diarrhea. When in doubt, spend on bottled water and freshly cooked food.


  1. Do not overeat

Another thing that can cause an upset tummy is overeating. While it is a very enriching experience to experience as much local food as you can, try to avoid binge eating. This can lead to stomach aches and other kinds of diseases.

For areas where their local foods are the highlight, try to plan. You can choose the ones that are highly recommended or if you’ll have the chance to go back, plan which ones you’ll eat every day.


  1. Eat fruits and vegetables

While enjoying the most sumptuous meals, don’t forget to eat fruits and vegetables. The fiber in fruits and vegetables can help with your digestion.


  1. Stay hydrated

And when we say hydrate, we don’t mean sugary drinks. We all tend to drink more sugary drinks such as soda and juices while on travel because we want to reward ourselves after that long day of walking and moving around.

Drink water. It is also advisable to drink coconut water whenever it’s available.


  1. Put on sunscreen

Sometimes, we’ll never know what’s ahead. We might not have anticipated that we’ll be under the heat of the sun the whole day. Whatever the weather will be, it’s always safe put some sunscreen on.


  1. Apply insect repellent lotion

If you’re going outdoors, it is also recommended to apply insect repellent lotion. This can protect you from unwanted bites that can cause discomfort or a severe illness.


  1. Keep moving

If your travel involves long hours of transit, try to walk around. It’s quite a long time for you just to be sitting on that long flight or long train ride. You’ll need to get to keep those muscles moving a bit.


  1. Enjoy Quality Sleep

When we travel, we make our itineraries so packed that we have to wake up very early in the morning and sleep very late at night. By maximizing your trip, we mean, you should also get decent hours of sleep.

If you push your body too hard, it will get back to you while doing your travel. You can get sick a few days into your journey and won’t be able to enjoy the rest of it so travel hard and sleep well.


Traveling should be an enjoyable thing to do so remember to keep yourself healthy and enjoy all the right stuff traveling has to offer. Don’t forget to sign up on our FREE courses to be a certified Medipacker!

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