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5 Steps to Balance Working from Home and Housework

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With everyone being asked to stay in their homes during this global pandemic, people are doing their best to adjust to the lifestyle changes it brings along – and that includes working from home. If you only spend a few hours in your homes before, now, you are being asked to do so 24/7.

In an effort to flatten the curve, one of the measures instigated by the government is to call on private companies to allow their employees to work from home. And while it brings numerous advantages (no need to commute, less preparation time and being more flexible), there are certain things you’ll have to deal with when you work from home – one of them is housework.

You’ll have to cook your meals, do the dishes and do the laundry (if there are no more open laundry shops) – things that you don’t usually factor in when you were still in an office set up.

For people who have been working from home before this pandemic, one important principle to remember is that working from home doesn’t mean the house is your work.

As most of us are struggling to get the hang of it, here are five tips to help you balance working from home and housework.


  1. Set Boundaries

If you are leaving with your family, it would be best to do a sit-down talk with them. Lay down some ground rules and explain to them the situation. It pays for them to understand that even though you are at home, it doesn’t mean you are not working.

Give them time to adjust, so if you’ll have to remind them now and then, feel free to do so.


 2. Let Everyone Do Their Share in Household Chores

For your explanation to sink in, it is also recommended that you let them do their share in the household chores. They must understand that their home is also their responsibility. All of you are not on vacation, so each one must have their fair share of contribution.

You can make a schedule of the chores that need to be completed in a day and assign it among the family members. Do not allow them to treat you like their go-to maid.

3. Create Your Own Home Office

You have to let them know that this is your space, and they have to respect it. Whether you have a separate room or just a dedicated space in the corner, they have to learn to recognize that space.

It will make them understand the gravity of the situation better if you show them that you’ll need to have a conducive environment for you to do your work.


4. Work in Regular Hours

Follow regular hours so they will be used to your routine. It will also help them manage their time better once they know that they cannot do certain things during this hour. It will help them adjust their schedules too.


5. Learn to say NO

Just because you are home doesn’t mean you have all the free time in the world. And just because your schedule is flexible, doesn’t mean you can adjust your time to their advantage. This is something that must be clear to them.

And what better way to communicate this by learning how to say no to their requests that are not favorable to your schedule? It is essential they get ahold of the situation and not interpret things differently. If saying no to their requests will them, then you have to do so.


Working from home and managing a household are both equally challenging. While these two can be compatible, you and your co-inhabitants should learn that both are not mutually exclusive as well.


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