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Air Travel After COVID-19

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The airline industry is one of the most affected industries because of COViD-19. Flights have been grounded for months as countries imposed their lockdowns. Recently, flights have been resuming and their frequency has been increasing as well. But with COViD19 in the picture, expect some changes on your next flight. What are these changes? Continue reading.


  1. Flights will be on 50% to 60% capacity

To adhere to social distancing protocols, expect that flights will only be filled on 50% to 60% capacity. This gives you more space for your luggage, but this might lead to higher airline ticket costs.


  1. Reduction of Touchpoints

We see a more self-sufficient process at the airport. Touchpoints will be redesigned to minimize face to face contact. For instance, baggage drop-offs might now be self-drop offs. Self-check-in will become a thing as well. And, you won’t be handing your boarding pass or ID to an agent anymore. You might be scanning it by yourself, too.


  1. No More Lounge Privileges

If you are a frequent flyer, you might not be enjoying lounge privileges anymore as these are closed to enforce social distancing. Frequent flyers used to spend time in these lounges’ comforts and enjoy bars and restaurants in it.


  1. More PPE

There will be more employees using PPEs, and it’s safer that way. You can see your flight attendants wearing PPEs, and you can wear your PPE as well. You will also be required to wear a mask throughout the flight. Expect a more frequent temperature check at different points in the airport.


  1. Disinfection Time Will Take Longer

There will be an increase in time for the disinfection process. This means it will take more time for the boarding and deboarding process. What used to be 2-hour disinfection might reach up to 4 hours this time so take comfort in the thought that your plane is thoroughly sanitized and disinfected. Your luggage will go through an additional sanitization process as well.


  1. You Will Need Other Travel Documents

If you just need to show your passport before, you will need to show more documents now. For instance, if you are traveling because of business, you need to show proof that you are indeed in official business. Some countries also require that you show a negative result in your test before allowing you to go onboard. You have to check with the place you’ll travel to about their requirements.


  1. You Might be Quarantined

Some countries have been successful in containing the virus, and they wouldn’t want a second wave coming. It is highly likely that these countries will put you on two-week isolation even if you’ve already shown a negative COViD 19 result. If you don’t have a residence in the country, you’ll go, and you will be sent to their isolation facility.


  1. Changes in Your Carry-on

In order to reduce the baggage searches, there is a possibility that carryon baggage will be limited to only one. Also, airports might relax the allowable liquid limit, especially with alcohol and sanitizers.


  1. You’ll Need a Flight Insurance

If you used to unclick flight insurance before, it’s not wise to do now. With the uncertainty of flights and the ever-changing policy, getting your flight insured is one of the wisest things you can do for yourself when you travel.


The airline industry is trying their best to cope with the current pandemic. They have started to adapt and implement protocols to ensure the safety of everyone. Let us be more patient in adhering to these protocols and following each one of them.


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