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Planning a backpacking trip can be a challenge, especially when you add up the question of what to bring in your journey. It’s not a secret that traveling light is the key to one of the most memorable backpacking experiences regardless of where you’re going.

To help you ease the burden of planning your trip, we’ve come up with a definitive checklist for you. Here you’ll find the things you need to purchase and bring as you wander to your dream destination.

What are the backpacking essentials for traveling?

Sturdy Backpack

Avoid bringing suitcases on wheels when you travel because there are a lot of not suitcase friendly places abroad. Choose the right backpack size that can carry everything you need when your travel.

Look at the straps that can help take the weight off your shoulders. Make sure it has hip belts, pockets, and has a sturdy material.

Secure Your Papers

Always bring a waterproof sling bag which you can carry anywhere with you. Place your passport, identification cards, money, credit cards, and other vital documents here.

Water Bottle and Headlamp



Be prepared wherever and whenever you’ll end up while traveling with a water bottle for hot and cold drinks. It also saves you money from buying bottled water while traveling.

A headlamp is also an excellent alternative to a flashlight. It keeps your hand free while navigate and can easily be stored, too.

Walking Sandals


These are two of the most critical items that you should bring with you. Sandals that you can wear any time of the day and even swim with it are even better!

If you have extra space, add shoes on your to-bring list. Make sure that it’s also versatile to avoid bringing different footwear for your trip.

Versatile Clothing

Another travel essential is versatile clothing. Bring those you love but make sure that you don’t have to iron it just to be able to wear it. Choose clothes that you can quickly match and wear any time of the day.

Also, don’t pack too much underwear. We suggest that you bring quick-dry underwear for you to just wash and dry it at night.

First Aid Kit


Bring basic medical supplies with you regardless of your destination and especially if you’re going to tropical countries. Include the basics such as plasters, bandages, painkillers, and rehydration salts.

Don’t forget to bring extra medicines including inhalers, aspiring, and paracetamol. Add on your kit a mosquito repellant and antihistamines, too.

For more information, check out our post on How to Pack a First Aid Kit.


Just like your first aid kit, place your toiletries in one bag as it makes it more convenient to just grab a small bag to the bathroom. Make sure to choose a small bag that has compartments and even a hook.

Bring with you a travel-sized shampoo, deodorant, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunblock, and laundry soap.


Bring padlocks for your backpack and even for your room or closet. Remember, you don’t always bring all your things with you when visiting spots, so make sure to secure your stored items.

Padlocks are also handy when staying in hostels as some don’t provide locks for rooms and cabinets.

Chargers and Powerbank

Store your chargers and power banks in a bag. Don’t forget to bring an extra charger with you when you wander around just to make sure you stay connected. An adapter will also come in handy when charging your devices anywhere.

If you’re bringing a camera with you, then don’t forget to bring extra batteries to help you document your adventures.

Tent or Sleeping Bag

You’ll never know where the wind will take you even if you’ve planned your travel carefully. So to be sure, bring a sleeping bag with you or if you’re planning to spend some night camping, bring your own tent. Just bring a tent only if you’re sure that you’ll be using it.

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