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How to Effectively Help Those Who are Hit by the Pandemic

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There are various means to help the victims and those who are affected by the pandemic. From feeding families to supporting local and international organizations, here are some of the things you can add to your to-do list in helping people during this time.


How to choose your charity?

With hundreds of charities worldwide, you can start by choosing a charity at Charity Navigator. As of the moment, they have six categories that you can send help and donations to help fight Covid-19 and support communities. These categories include medical services, health and medical relief, local funding, education and awareness, relief for local communities and facilities, and assistance to various groups and channels.

The navigator is crucial as they assess the charities on their list based on data and number-system. They also have a running-list of charities way before the outbreak, which are also working with communities directly and indirectly affected.


Monetary Donations

Suppose you are looking to donate money directly to a group or an organization, visit GlobalGiving. It’s a large crowdfunding community that connects various groups in times like this. The community connects and taps donors, the private sectors, and nonprofit organizations and connects each of these groups to help in the pandemic.

The goal of the community is to raise $5 million from various resources and donations. It will then be used to provide emergency medical aid to groups and communities affected by the pandemic. Moreover, the money raised will also help hospitals and other medical facilities by providing medical supplies to help families in the local communities.

Similarly, you can also visit the Neediest Cases Fund, which has been established by The New York Times decades ago. Up to this day, the fund had raised $300 million and had also started on the Covid-19 Relief Campaign. The raised funds are donated to First Book, Feeding America, World Central Kitchen, and New York Community Trust.


Donations for Medical Supplies 

You can also donate to groups that directly provide medical supplies to various communities and even medical and health institutions. Relief International is one of the groups operating in 16 countries. They have provided 40,000 test kits for coronavirus and have given more than 60,000 protective medical gears across the globe.

Another group that you can look into is the Heart to Heart International, which distributes medication and equipment to different partners worldwide. They also provide protective gear to those who are in the front lines.


Food and Blood Donations

American Red Cross is also one of the foundations that need not only money but also blood. Currently, the pandemic has caused severe blood shortages worldwide, especially that blood donation drives are limited. The group encourages healthy individuals to donate blood, primarily platelets and AB plasma.

If you are willing to donate, communicate with the nearest Red Cross office in your area now. Make sure to call and ask for their updated protocols before going to their office for donations.

Moreover, America’s Blood Centers, another nonprofit in North America, is also in need of donations. Remember that you can’t just donate directly. You have to undergo some tests and answer some questions before you can proceed with your blood donation.

With the pandemic’s adverse economic impact, people losing their jobs, and limited access to healthcare, it’s also not a secret that people are hungry. As such, we also urge you to donate food. World Central Kitchen is one of the institutions that you can tap for your food donations. They have been providing food to families in Los Angeles since March 23, especially to children as schools have been closed due to the pandemic.


Let’s Help the Children 

UNICEF and Save the Children are also nonprofit organizations that provide aid for children. Specifically, these organizations offer hygiene and medical kits to health clinics, food, and shelter among other things.


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