humanitarian trips

How to Make Humanitarian Trips More Meaningful

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humanitarian trips

“I interviewed my dad on video in his final weeks. When I asked about his work and finding meaning through helping others, he responded, “I don’t think you can be focused on, ‘Oh gee, I want to make a difference.’ It has to be spontaneous. If it’s not…there’s some kind of egotistical thing going on. That’s a red flag. You hope you impact people on the deepest level you are capable of at the time. Sometimes you hit it, sometimes you don’t. You’re trying.” 
― Lisa Shannon, A Thousand Sisters: My Journey into the Worst Place on Earth to Be a Woman


Humanitarian trips help you get out of your comfort zone and travel to different places that are mostly oppressed, poor, and access to vital services like healthcare and education is difficult. It is an opportunity to extend help and promote human welfare. A means to make a difference out of the lives of many individuals dealing with circumstances of being in a developing country. It somehow makes your travel a trip you’d never forget and a trip that changes the very core of your existence. Now, that sounds really deep. But it’s true. Traveling to these places will let you see the beauty of life and appreciate how privilege you are for not being there in such situation in a daily basis.

There is an undeniable long-term effect to humanitarian work that plays a vital role in building self-sufficient and stronger communities. Doing humanitarian works in one of your travels will not make you a superhero in the eyes of the people but surely it will make an impact in their community and will give them hope that the world is still a wonderful place to live in. By participating in humanitarian projects, you can help address major issues that impact human well-being, establishing healthier and happier civilizations and improve outcomes for marginalized individuals. In return, it will amaze you that this kind of travel is not just about the positive impact you give to other people but also the influence of the experience will have on you. Participation in humanitarian works is a powerful way to share the significance of extending help. You will serve as a pathway to support, resources, and hope.

How can you exactly do this? Do you have to spend much or make yourself a billionaire first to extend support? Not necessarily. Explore the world and help community-centered projects during your solo travels. Believe me, it’s cost-effective. Brace yourself for a genuine adventure and take part in meaningful humanitarian services.

How do you make your trip worthwhile? If you really want to pursue your goal to travel and do humanitarian acts like voluntourism, think of it a couple of times. You must be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared. Remember that what you will about to experience might be completely different from the way you live your life. it’s going to be a great experience, but you also have to make sure you are all set up. If you want to be part of a big group of volunteers, research first on the sponsoring organization. It’s never a mistake to ask questions, this way you will educate yourself about what to do and why you do things.

Your goal should also be aligned to the goal of the organization you are involved. Make your own set of objectives and what you want to achieve in your travel. After all, this is you trying to make a difference to others and to yourself. You should not feel like you are making a mistake in joining such movement.

Doing a humanitarian trip should not be a one-time travel. You can always participate in an extended assignment or vacation. If you see yourself enjoying in the community you are emerge in, why not plan your next travel? You sure would be happy to see the effect you make to the people and gain new loyal friends.

Lastly, this one is important, choose an organization or program where you can promote self-sufficiency. Your primary objective should not be to make the community dependent of the program but to develop in them social and economic responsibility. Find an organization that is well-connected to the locals and not just a mere outsider that has less impact on the lives of the community.


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