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How to Make Volunteering a More Impactful Experience

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The world is taken by storm by the pandemic. With everyone forced to stay at home for their safety and the uncertainty of times, some days feel like clouds hovering above everyone.

This pandemic is something no one expected and prepared for so it’s understandable to feel sad and gloomy sometimes (if not most of the time). Things can become very depressing, but we always hold on to the thought that the sun will shine upon us again. But here’s the good news, you don’t have to wait for it to happen; you can make it happen. How? Through volunteerism.

In times of a great challenge, be someone else’s sunshine by helping and reaching out. You are communicating hope and shining light to others through volunteering.

To make your volunteerism more impactful, consider these three elements:

  1. Do What You’re Passionate About

Your passion can fuel you to do great things. When you are passionate about something, you can go to great lengths in achieving it because your passion becomes your motivation. It will be your guide to connect with the right people and the right community. This passion can also create a ripple effect on everyone you will inspire, and it will sprinkle hope to people you will be helping.

For example, you are passionate about cooking. So, you try to connect with people who love cooking and make your cooking meaningful by helping others – it can be through giving free meals to our exhausted frontliners. Or you have a passion for sewing, so you try to make face masks and distribute it for free to those who need it.

We all have different things we are passionate about, and it will be a lot more inspiring if we can use this passion to help other people.


  1. Encourage People To Do The Same

It is such a great feeling to be able to influence others to do something good. Being able to share this experience with them will help deepen the impact of your volunteerism. Nothing is more powerful than people coming together to help other people.

This has been evident during this pandemic. For example, private individuals have been calling for donations of medical materials that our medical frontliners can use. Some are trying to pool funds so they can give out food to the homeless. Some are also organizing donation drives for students who cannot afford the shift to online classes, or some offer their services for free.

Imagine being able to pool people together to do something good for the community – nothing can be more fulfilling than that. Being able to be a positive influence and letting this positive influence trickle down to others. You sure are a ray of sunshine!


  1. Create a Common Purpose

Different passions can mean different purposes, and no purpose is better than the other. Our passion determines our purpose. If you are with people with the same passion and purpose as you are, all of you will contribute to more impactful volunteering.

For example, this pandemic has pushed the elderly to stay at home because they are the ones who are the most vulnerable. But how about those with pets? A group of medical students have grouped themselves and helped these elderlies’ pets by regularly walking them. There are also those who would volunteer to buy their groceries.

You’ll never know how a little gesture can come a long way. With everyone being impacted by this challenge, it takes a community to step up and bond together to help each other get by.


During these turbulent times, we hold hand in hand and create a resounding impact on others in need. Remember that no help is too little and that each act of kindness is a ray of sunshine coming through the clouds.

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