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Lessons to Learn When Backpacking

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Traveling isn’t solely just about having fun and killing time by exploring places you’ve never been before. Yes, that’s part of the fun, but the main thing to look forward to whenever you’re traveling is learning. Traveling is about expanding your knowledge about the world, yourself, and just everything.

This is one of the main reasons why backpacking has always been such a big trend. Backpacking allows you to travel with the sole purpose of exploring places you’ve never been before with only essentials with you. The thrill of exploring the unknown and learning in the process is what makes backpacking truly a fun experience.

The things you learn during your expeditions are endless. With that in mind, here are some lessons that you’ll be sure to learn in your travels.


Being Minimal

On your first backpacking expedition, I’m confident that you’ll be bringing along too many things that you won’t even need. No, you don’t need your three pairs of shoes and four different kinds of moisturizers. All you need are a few key items that are essential to making sure your backpacking expedition won’t fail, and your hygiene is up.

Make sure to pack as little as possible when you’re planning a trip. Everything else that you need can be picked up in the area that you’re going to.


Ear Plugs are Essential

Imagine this; you’re having the time of your life with your friends inside a shared room. Then as you rest your head on that fluffy pillow and welcome the warm embrace of sleep, the noises start coming in. Cars, snoring, and even the sound of white noise can keep you up. This is why earplugs are an excellent investment when you’re picking up supplies for an expedition.

Not only are earplugs useful when you’re falling asleep, but they’re also portable and can be fit into any crevasse of your bag or pockets! Sleep is essential when backpacking, and you should never be sleep deprived as it ruins the entire experience.


Good People are Everywhere

Contrary to what you usually hear on the news, there are many wonderful people around everywhere! People who are willing to help and give you directions if you’re lost. People who would willingly guide you and tour you around the city. As long as you give them ample respect, then they’ll respect you as well.


Keep The Songs To Yourself

We get it, you can play can’t help falling in love on the uke or Wonderwall on your guitar, but please keep it to yourself. You went backpacking to experience something new, not listen to a song we’ve heard of for a million times now.


The Sink is Your Best Friend

There’s almost nothing too big to wash in the sink. May it be dishes, socks, or even clothes! So there’s no need to pack a pail with you so that you can wash your clothes. Drying your clothes may take a lot longer, though.


More is Less

There will always be that one guy who’s done more and been to more places than you have. Backpacking isn’t a competition, and what you enjoy doing or going to is subjective. Make sure to tune out those types of people and start focusing on what you want to do the most.

Remember that you are your person, and you should focus on setting your path instead of fixating on a set path that everyone has already traveled.


Backpacking is full of lessons that you can learn, may it be in life, or just general knowledge of some areas. This is what makes it fun and thrilling every time you explore a new city. These lessons can be a pathway to having great memories or a way of improving as a person. So enjoy your trip to the fullest and try to learn by keeping the things in this guide in mind!

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