offbeat travel ideas

Offbeat Travel Ideas

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Travel has become popular leisure all over the world. Wherever you are located, you’d always aspire to visit different places and visit their most famous spots. These aspirations are no longer impossible with airfares getting more and more affordable.

People travel to experience something new, to reinvigorate their souls and to escape from the day to day realities of life. However, the dominant concept of travel has been more “touristy.” By touristy we mean visit the most popular tourist spots, eat the must-try foods, do the must-try experiences, take the mandatory tourist photos and prepare for the most likable OOTD. While this kind of travel is fulfilling, it’s time to open up for other offbeat travel ideas – one that is not dictated by the number of likes you wish your photo will have.

On your next travel, try something different. We will give you some unique travel ideas that are equally reinvigorating to your soul. We’ve listed five for you to choose from:

1. Surprise Itinerary

To make the most out of our travel, we tend to plan and research on the activities that we want to do in the place that we’ll visit. If we have limited time, we try to prioritize the things we want to do most, and we strive to fit in whatever we can to maximize our visit.

However, what if you will not plan your travel? It can sound risky but totally exciting! Travel agencies like Unpland can do your itinerary for you. Of course, they’d still consider what you want, but it will be them who make the final decision for you.

First, you have to choose what type of trip you want to engage in. Then you have to provide information like the number of people, your budget, the number of days of your travel, and your preferred activities.

Then they plan things out for you. A few days before your trip, they will email you on the things to bring, and a day before you set out, they’ll email you all the bookings.

It’s always good to sprinkle in a lot of spontaneity in your next travel. As they say, ignorance is bliss. *wink*


2. Cultural Immersion

You might have visited their most famous spots, but do you know their people? More and more people are starting to yearn for a deeper connection to the place they want to visit.

Travel agencies are now offering experiences where you get to explore the culture of the place where you can join festivals and participate in some local activities.


3. Artistic Retreat

Try out art that is local in the area. If the area is known for its cuisine, you can join a cooking class that will teach you how to cook the area’s signature dish. If the area takes pride in their weaving, take a class to learn the basics of weaving.


4. Overlanding

Do you want to take road tripping to the next level? Well, Overlanding can be for you. Who doesn’t love a road trip and waking up to a new place every day? You’ll live in your van, and the road will be your home.


5. Voluntourism

Do something meaningful for the community and volunteer in building infrastructures, do farming, teach locals, and many more. There is a lot of voluntourism activity that you can choose from.


You will live with the locals and do their activities. This will help you gain a new perspective on life. See? There’s more to travel than just Instagram-able pics. Make your next travel more meaningful and try out any of the activities listed above.

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