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Solo Travel Safety Tips For Women

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solo travel

Solo travel can be a way to have time and fun with yourself. It’s freeing, exciting, and incredibly useful if you want to spend time alone. According to statistics, a lot of travelers would agree on this one. A recent survey stated that most of the people have already tried solo traveling or are already planning to.

However, people who travel alone are quite susceptible to danger. This is especially true for women. We don’t know what can happen in the streets of a country you’ve never been to before. We’ve created this guide to make sure that you are well equipped with the knowledge on how to stay safe when traveling alone.


Solo Travel Tips For Women


Read Up

Do your homework before you rush in and book tickets for an area you’ve never been to before. You have to keep in mind cultural differences, customs, and norms and learn these differences by heart before stepping into a new country.

Second, check out visa requirements and identify their means of public transportation. If you want, you can also book your transport and tours in advance for a safer vacation.

These tiny little safety precautions can make a big difference in your travel experience and safety.


Don’t Overpack

Packing light will help if you travel alone for convenience and safety. You can use packing cubes to help save space in your luggage.

To decide what to bring, keep in mind the number of days that you’ll be staying in the country. Make sure only to pack clothes equivalent to the number of days and add one or two extra clothes.

If you pack too many clothes, it’d only be a burden as you move around. Also, it could burden your wallet, too, as you may have to pay extra for extra baggage.


Keep Your Belongings Safe

Always keep your most valuable items within reach, such as your wallet, passport, smartphone, etc. A wise thing to do is to keep these things out of your main bag to avoid the risk of these things being stolen.

Remember, don’t let these things out of sight to avoid losing them forever. Be vigilant when traveling alone, especially if you’re in crowded areas. Be cautious, especially in keeping an eye of your valuable items.


Have a Backup Plan

The sky’s the limit when you’re in another country, and your ideas might get thwarted or go wrong. Whether it’s a reservation to dinner or an appointment to a tour, make sure to have a Plan B.

A backup plan or even multiple backup plans can make sure that nothing can be in the way of you and your hard-earned alone time.


Prioritize Your Safety

It doesn’t matter how much the safety costs, you have to prioritize it. On your solo trip, all you have to keep in mind is you and your needs.

A big part of the previously said things is your safety. Try to opt for choices that’d make you the safest. An example would be going on day tours instead of ones that are done in the night. You can also pot to take an expensive flight that’d make you arrive on day time instead of a cheaper flight at night.

Don’t forget to buy and bring a whistle or pepper spray. These items can be a big help when you want to feel and be safe.


Albeit all these tips given to you, you have to make sure that you enjoy your vacation. Don’t let your fears trample your fun and alone time; it’s a vacation, so enjoy it. Let off some steam and relax because now you know how you can be safe when solo traveling as a woman.

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