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Travel after COVID-19: Learn New Skills for a More Meaning Trip in the Future

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People who love traveling have been confined in their homes when COVID19 placed the world to a halt. With borders closed and restrictions in place, it has become impossible to enjoy travel like how we used to.

Photographer Kathy Adams Clark had to make significant adjustments when her country-hopping lifestyle was put on a hard stop. From guiding a tour group through Costa Rica to being grounded – Kathy has decided to make the most out of her time during this pandemic.

She took the time to learn a thing or two to help her make more meaningful experiences when the time comes that she can travel again. Here are some of the things that you can do to prepare for your next trip while on lockdown:


  1. Learn a New Language

Knowing how to speak English can help you get by in different countries, but knowing how to speak some local phrases can enhance your experience so much more. Before COVID19, we might not have much time to study these basic local phrases. But if you already have a country you’d like to visit to when travel is allowed again, then start learning some of the basic phrases. It can help you feel more confident in taking local transport or in ordering menus. This can further enrich your experience and help you connect with the locals.

You can also download the app, Tandem. It allows you to connect with a local that can help you learn their native tongue via text, voice memos, or video calls. Another useful app is Duolingo, which offers online tools that can help you learn different languages.


  1. Connect with Other Cultures

Check on Airbnb’s online experiences as it allows you to discover traditions and perspectives in different destinations. You can enjoy learning how to cook street tacos in Mexico or spend a day in Paris with a local.

Amazon is currently brewing up a new platform called Explore that will allow you to tour around different places. You can tour around Hongkong’s working-class Sham Shui Po neighborhood, or you can virtually shop for traditional arts and crafts in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The platform is still in development, but it will allow you to have one-on-one experiences.


  1. Explore Your Spirituality

You can continue to explore Israel through the Jewish National Fund’s week-long virtual tours. Along with other “passengers,” you will be transported to different landmarks such as Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall and the Ramon Crater. The tour will include one hour of sightseeing through videos, photos, and maps, and each guest will be given a chance to ask questions through a one-hour long Q&A session per day.

The Holy Land has different sacred sites for Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and then Druze and Baha’i.


  1. Sharpen Your Outdoor Skills

Activities like camping, biking, paddling, and hiking are allowed since these activities are safer. You can re-channel your “travel energy” to doing these activities, and you might find it handy in the future.

Join workshops that can improve your outdoor skills, do stargazing, and learn compass navigation.


  1. Focus on Photography

Have you always wanted to improve your photography skills? Then, now is the time to do it! There are a number of online photography tutorials and classes that can help you with your photography skills. This can help you have better pictures on your next adventure.


This downtime brought about by COVID19 can help us do things we never had time for before. Learning a new language or improving on a certain skill – these are things that will come a long way to make your next trip a more meaningful experience.


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