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Travel Volunteering: What You Need to Know

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We always look forward to our travels. It is a time we get to spend away from the realities of life. We consider the trip as our escape – an escape from the demands of our work, an escape from the bills we have to pay and an escape from any responsibilities.

When we talk about vacation, we often see ourselves visiting the most famous tourist spots in countries or states we are vacationing or trying out the most recommended restaurants.

However, while all these activities give us food for our soul, there are other ways to make your vacation meaningful. It’s not just for you but for the people you will be with during your travel.

Have you ever heard of travel volunteerism? If this is the first time, then you’ve come to the right post because we will tell you everything you need to know about the subject.


How to Get Started?

We begin by looking for voluntourism activities. You can check out or to search for opportunities that will match your skills.

That’s where our research begins. Also, if you consider doing this volunteer travel work, you must start early. Start preparing for your travel as early as three months.

Once you have chosen the organization that can provide you with the opportunity, you have to read every single information relevant to your travel. Also, please remember that there is no need for you to pay anything to get information. You will only pay once you secure a reservation.

You can also see a detailed breakdown of program fees, and one parameter to know if the organization is reputable is if 90 to 100% of the funds will be used for the program.


What to Expect

Expect a life-changing experience. Doing volunteer travel can help open your eyes to what a regular vacation can offer. You’ll see beyond the tourist spots and know what it’s like to truly live with locals.

There will be an exchange of culture – one that is deeper and more meaningful. You get a taste of the local’s culture as you share your own culture and experiences.

This immersion will allow you to see a different side of the country you are visiting – one that is genuine and unadulterated. You’ll also meet friends that will last for a lifetime.


Not All Play

Since this is an immersion of the local’s culture, then you get to do what they do. You will be spending your time “working” by doing their routines but learning something new is no work at all.

You’ll also be given free time, usually during the afternoon, night, and weekends to do other exciting activities in the area.

Just a word of precaution: Always ask permission before snapping a photo with the locals or with locals in it because some cultures find it intrusive. The organization you’re working with will provide you the necessary briefing before you start your immersion.


Who are Qualified to Volunteer?

Travel Volunteering is an excellent family experience. You can bring your children if you wish. However, bringing in young children might require prior approval depending on the institution or agency.

Students looking for career ideas are welcome as well. Even seniors who have the physical capacity to do volunteering are also welcome to join.


Costs and Expenses

You will pay for all the costs of the travel – round trip tickets, visas, immunizations, and other pre-trip activities will be shouldered by you.


There you have it. We hope that we were able to shed light on the necessary information needed for you to start considering travel volunteering.

Travel volunteering is another way to make travel meaningful. It’s just that this time, you don’t just change yourself, and you also change the world. You could also share your experiences and travels in our Medipacker community. Join us by starting out as a Medipacker Aspirant!


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