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Why Your Boss Should Say Yes for Extra Time Off to Travel

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“Travel is more than seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” -Miriam Beard

If you’re a person who loves to travel to new places, explore around the globe, and at the same time have a full-time job, then maybe the leave credits that you have will not be enough to fulfill your desires for another adventure. Have you ever sat at your office table, mind wandering about going to a distant country, be a complete stranger, and make the most of your travel vacation? Travel voluntourism is something incredibly awesome, right? But oftentimes we let it pass because we have so many things to do at work and the fear that your boss will never grant you a leave of absence especially if it will take weeks. Then, you just move on with your daily routine and continue imagining that one day you will have that dream escapade.

While it might sound elusive, it’s actually possible. You can always start by having the perfect reasons why you need to have a time off from work. Read on to find out how you can start packing for your upcoming travel.

  1. Check Available Leave Credits

First, you have to know how many leave days you can avail and how long you plan to stay out of work. Plot on what month you intend to travel, the duration, and your expected return to work. This way, you can already map out the necessary things you have to accomplish before your absence. You don’t want to leave works hanging without proper endorsement, right? Someone will have to take your place especially if you have a crucial designation in your field of work. Before you consult your immediate supervisor, you should have all of these prepared.

  1. Jot Down the Benefits of Travel Voluntourism

We travel because we want to experience something different. We want to relax and have time off from work. However, your normal travel can also elevate into something more significant like voluntourism. Volunteer tourism, as what it’s also called, is an emerging trend of travel that is linked to doing good. Write a list of why taking a time off to do volunteer works abroad can be both beneficial to you and to the company. This is a great opportunity to learn something new like acquiring international experience, a new language, and a better perspective in life. How does it benefit the company? You have to be ready to answer possible queries from your boss. When answering, look at it from the company’s point of view. Then, you can position it to the company’s advantage. For example, traveling will make you feel energize and refresh. This will result to better performance at work, fresher ideas and a more motivated employee knowing that there’s work-life balance. There was even a study conducted that shows employees being more loyal and reduce turnover when they have regular paid leaves.

  1. Make Trip Both a Personal and Professional Experience

This will have more solid ground when you ask for additional paid leaves to your boss. You can have professional development program while on vacation. Consider learning a new skill by joining or enrolling to volunteer works abroad. By doing something immersive and related to your professional development, you become an asset to the company they’d likely invest upon.

  1. Share the Gift of Feedback

You may be traveling alone or with your family but you can always share to your colleagues the wonderful experience you had while away from work. When you return from vacation, allot a time when you can talk to your officemates about the beautiful places you visited, the people and culture, as well as the learnings which you think will be beneficial to the worksite. You need to seek out ways to impart value throughout your company as a result of your travel. Don’t forget also the people who helped you out so you can take a leave of absence. Thank them and maybe give them some tokens as a sign of your appreciation.

Don’t be shy to ask for extra time off from work. We all need to take a series of rest at some point in our career so we can come back as better version of ourselves.

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