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Travel and volunteering can come hand in hand. It is possible. If you’re still unconvinced, here’s a list of things you can expect from the MediPacker Academy:

MediPacker Aspirant

Once you sign up for this course, you will learn about the MediPacker core values and ethical cornerstones. You will know about the community ambitions and vision. This course will allow you to make a difference in your travel and acquire knowledge on how to become a true MediPacker.

MediPacker Bachelor

In this course, you will learn a broaden perspective about the UN Declarations and Agenda 2030. You will also educate yourself with WHO ambitions in the primary care. In this program, you will learn to handle the field tool when traveling.

MediPacker Master

This is a more advanced course focused on practical aspects in the field in a variety of situations and how to use the different field tools available. In this program, the importance of sharing experiences and to teach others are emphasized. This is already a leadership-oriented course. You will learn to take initiatives in favorable and unfavorable situations, build on accessible tools and motivate other fellows.

MediPacker Professionals

This is an entrepreneurial-oriented course. To become a professional hero might for some people be the ultimate life. We will support you in such efforts both practically and theoretically. This course is oriented towards entrepreneurial inventory and motivation, network leverage, and collaboration with NGO’s.


All courses are FREE. If you’re ready, sign up by starting as a Medipacker Aspirant by clicking HERE.

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