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Traveling is one of the more exciting things in life. Most people dream of travelling. They want to explore cultures
Pollution disasters and diseases - these are the result of humans neglecting their responsibility towards mother nature. Recently, the rise
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Getting things stolen from you or getting hurt sucks, but what sucks more than that? Getting things stolen from you
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People who love traveling have been confined in their homes when COVID19 placed the world to a halt. With borders
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Traveling isn’t solely just about having fun and killing time by exploring places you’ve never been before. Yes, that’s part
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Travel industries, airline companies, and even businesses revolved around tourism and have taken a massive hit from the effects of
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Backpacking is a fun activity, especially if you’re the adventurous type. Backpacking has become incredibly accessible to the point where
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The world is taken by storm by the pandemic. With everyone forced to stay at home for their safety and
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The airline industry is one of the most affected industries because of COViD-19. Flights have been grounded for months as
helping seniors pandemic
There are various means to help the victims and those who are affected by the pandemic. From feeding families to