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Here’s How Your Passion for Traveling Can Change the World
You most likely already know by now that traveling has the power to change individuals. But its potential expands beyond
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What Are the Benefits of Voluntourism?
International travel is an excellent way to experience new things, explore different cultures and create great memories. But there’s a way
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Want to Make a Difference in the World? Become an Altruistic Traveler
Are you looking for a way to make a difference in the world when you travel, but don’t know where to
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Do Good as You Travel: 4 Tips for the Impact-Minded Globetrotter
How do you picture your next travel adventure? Do you want the experience to be about more than just taking
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symtom checker and triage
BraineHealth’s Virtual Doctor Diagnosio Using Deep Learning for Triage of Patients.
Dr. Diagnosio that uses deep learning, matures to a virtual doctor with the capability to make both differential diagnoses and
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BraineHealth’s Virtual Dr. Diagnosio Now Manages Natural, Free-Text Queries About Patient Symptoms
The patients can now ask the virtual Dr. Diagnosio about their symptoms in natural language for differential diagnoses - a
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