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” Take your Master Bronze free course at Medipacker Academy and learn how to lead in the field “

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Free Course – 100-Course Points – Badges and Credit Points – Certified Medipacker Master Bronze published on Credly

COURSE PREREQUISITE Medipacker Master Membership –  Medipacker Bachelor Gold Certificate – Free of charge as a member.

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Course Description


” Traveling is an education by itself. It´s wise to be equipped with general knowledge and specific skills before you visit new places. 

Medipacker Master Course Bronze is for you with higher altruistic ambitions in combination by using field tools when you encounter a community in need. Your leadership skill will be developed and the importance of sharing experiences is emphasized. The course is free and exclusively for master members. This course renders a Medipacker Master Certificate Bronze.

  • Medipacker Master Membership is required
  • Medipacker Bachelor Gold Certificate is needed
  • Purchase/Register for this course – free of charge as a member.
  • Lesson 1: Symptom checking in a community
  • Lesson 2: Leadership skills in the field
  • Lesson 3: Sharing experiences and motivate others
  • Each lesson cover different topics where each topic ends up with a quiz.
  • 300-course points, 100 points for each lesson.
  • The course renders badges, credit points.
  • When all badges are taken you are rendered a certificate as Medipacker Master Bronze.
  • The certificate will be published on Credly.

When this Master Bronze course is completed you will have a certificate use field tools, leadership skills on the field and engage others to do the same. See others grow is a beautiful thing.

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