Voluntourism: Doing Good or Feeling Good?

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Volunteer tourism also known as voluntourism, is an increasing trend in the world of travel as more and more people yearn to have meaningful experiences in their excursions. More than going home with a bunch of pictures and the experience of visiting the best the country has to offer, people are starting to consider a different kind of experience. This …

Want to Make a Difference in the World? Become an Altruistic Traveler

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Are you looking for a way to make a difference in the world when you travel, but don’t know where to start? We get it. When you travel to places where you see signs of poverty, sickness and vulnerability all around you, it’s easy you get overwhelmed. But, all over the world, there are people who are making an impact; using their journey …

A Closer Look at Altruistic Travel to Developing Countries

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  “To understand what’s going on in the world, you have to see the world.” -Aerin Lauder   Traveling is not just a form of leisure or vacation. If you’ve been traveling to different places for quite some time, you’d understand the difference of a vacationer and a person immersing himself to the community. It is when a regular backpacker …