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Learning New Things Through Service Learning

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Learning is not confined to the four walls of the classroom. Learners will have the chance to practice different skills and further enhance their learning through hands-on applications brought about by their experiences outside it. Have you heard about service learning? Service Learning Service Learning is a kind of learning where community services are combined with learning objectives. It is …


Voluntourism: Doing Good or Feeling Good?

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Volunteer tourism also known as voluntourism, is an increasing trend in the world of travel as more and more people yearn to have meaningful experiences in their excursions. More than going home with a bunch of pictures and the experience of visiting the best the country has to offer, people are starting to consider a different kind of experience. This …

Types of Volunteering

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Traveling can be one of the best things one can do to replenish the heart, mind body and soul. It feels so good to set foot in a new place, explore it and be away from the daunting realities of life. We’ve always seen travel as a leisure activity. Our itinerary is often filled up with tours, make sure we …

Do Good as You Travel: 4 Tips for the Impact-Minded Globetrotter

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How do you picture your next travel adventure? Do you want the experience to be about more than just taking photos and hanging out at crowded tourist places? Do you want it to be meaningful and generate a positive impact? There are many ways to do good as you travel and actually give back to local communities you meet in your journey. …

Travel to Volunteer: How to Choose an Organization

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We all have different reasons for traveling. Each of us at some point in our lives, has dreamt of travelling abroad. Some would do it for work and many will do it for pleasure, but others will do it for both. It is possible that you can enjoy traveling, learning a different culture, and exploring different countries while working. Or …

Traveling for a Cause

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Traveling is becoming popular with almost everyone from every generation. People prefer to spend more on experiences rather than on material things and studies back up this claim. Traveling makes people happier, especially millennials. They are spending to tour Vietnam and Cambodia on rented scooters, attending music festivals, or even go hiking on Machu Picchu. However, a lot more people …