Medipacker Community is made for you to share about your experiences and to learn from others. The community is exclusively for members on all levels including prospects that are free membership. We are continously developing the community so please help us with ideas to make it better.

Founders Medipacker

Welcome to Medipacker Community

We are here to help. Help you to grow as a human from a curious backpacker to a an active Medipacker that makes a difference. Together with thousand and thousand of efforts from Medipackers around the globe it will make an huge impact eventually.

In this community you can educate your self of no charge to become a certified Medipacker by learning and sharing. You need to be a registered member for joining the community. It´s free of charge to be in the aspiration group, the first level. Then you can join more advanced group in the community when you level up to Medipacker Beginner and all way to Medipacker Professional.

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Register to become a Medipacker Aspirant.

Just click on the Registration button in the menu and follow the steps which are:

Fill in your name, e-mail and password.

You will then receive an e-mail to activate your account.

That´s all!

Now, you have automatically become an Medipacker Aspirant the first step on your journey to become a more seasoned MediPacker. In the Aspirant group you can communicate and share stuff with other Aspirants. All other groups of higher levels can post in this group but you cannot post in higher level groups. This is our way to urge and encourage you to work up your Medipacker skills and earn badges.

Please follow our policy rule how to interact in the community.